Representatives of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission and the Turkish Doping Control Center attended the 21. International Sports Sciences Congress held in Antalya between November 11 and 14, 2023, organized by the Sports Sciences Association.

A large team attended the congress, which also featured the education and awareness stand of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission. On the 3rd day of the congress, Dr. Tahir Hazır moderated the session devoted to the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission, where Turkish Anti-Doping Commission General Director Prof. Dr. Rüştü Güner informed the participants about the “Athlete Biological Passport Steroid Module” within the framework of case examples. Deputy General Director of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission, Atty. Mehmet Yoğurtcuoğlu, gave information about the Penalty of Ineligibility with his presentation “Legal Consequences of Steroid Use in Sports”. In the same session, Chairman of the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Board, Prof. Dr. Ali Murat Zergeroğlu presented “Anabolic Steroids and Their Effects on Health” and Doping Control Center Director Prof. Dr. Emirhan Nemutlu presented “Doping Control Laboratory and Applications in Anabolic Steroid Analysis”.

Emphasizing the importance of organizing multiple sessions at the 21st International Sports Sciences Congress on the fight against doping, where professionals and scientists working in the field of sports participated, Prof. Dr. Rüştü Güner stated that knowing the field of anti-doping should be a priority for sports professionals and that from now on, they aim to take part as the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission in other events, especially the current congress, in order to increase anti-doping awareness and social awareness.