The Council of Europe Anti-Doping Education Workshop was held in Nyon, Switzerland between 21-22 February 2023. The workshop, attended by 53 people from 38 countries, was held at UEFA Headquarters, hosted by the UEFA anti-doping training unit.

In the workshop attended by the World Anti-Doping Agency, International Olympic Committee, National Anti-Doping Organizations, International Federations, UEFA, and Members of the Council of Europe, experts in the field came together to convey and develop anti-doping education programs to their stakeholders. Ayla Neşe Soykan, Education Specialist of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission, attended the workshop to present “Education Information Network” in the innovative anti-doping training project presentations section. Neşe Soykan explained our goal of being included in the Education Information Network system created by the Turkish Ministry of National Education, the target groups and the methods by which we can reach them, our current situation, and the activities we plan for the future, as well as the difficulties we face and their solutions.
The education workshop, which was accompanied by general assembly meetings and roundtable meetings, was completed with the participants sharing their anti-doping training development experiences.