Turkish Anti-Doping Commission visited Moldova National Anti-Doping Agency on 17-18 November 2022. As a collaborative team, a participation visit was made to the presentation of the results of the “Developing the Capacity for Research and Cooperation in Combating Anti-Doping Research and Cooperation with Initiatives in Medical Education (CAROLINE)” jointly carried out by the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission and the Moldovan Anti-Doping Agency.

Turkish Anti-Doping Commission General Director Prof. Dr. Rüştü Güner, Deputy General Director Atty. Mehmet Yoğurtcuoğlu, Scientific Research and Medical Affairs Coordinator Doğa Derman Veldet, International Relations and Compliance Officer Pınar Elgin attended the visit. The program was completed with the visits of the “ATLETMED” Center and “Nicolae Testemițanu” State Medical and Pharmacy University.

In consultation with the rector of Comrat State University, it was planned to start Turkish anti-doping trainings for Turks living in Gagauzia in Moldova.