The delegation of the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission (TDMK) visited the AMADA office in Baku, Azerbaijan on 1-3 December 2022, at the invitation of the Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (AMADA).

In the delegation chaired by Turkish Anti-Doping Commission General Director Prof. Dr. Rüştü Güner, Deputy General Director & Legal Affairs Coordinator Atty. Mehmet C. Yoğurtcuoğlu, Risk Assessment Coordinator Selin Tekin Ayan, Doping Control Operations Coordinator Hazar Gürel, Scientific Research, and Medical Affairs Coordinator Doğa Derman Veldet, International Relations and Compliance Officer Pınar Elgin attended the meeting at the AMADA office in order to collaborate and share experiences. The delegation, led by AMADA CEO Shafag Huseynli, shared their experiences and good practice examples within the scope of the units.

Within the scope of the program, organized by the Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency, the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission delegation visited Martyrs’ Street and honored the memory of those who were martyred in the struggle for freedom and sovereignty. Then, the “Turkish Martyrdom” monument placed on Martyrs’ Street in memory of the heroic Turkish soldiers who died in the battles for the liberation of Baku from the Bolshevik-Armenian Dashnak troops in 1918 was visited.

Within the scope of the visit, the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission delegation also attended the anti-doping seminar organized by AMADA for the press secretaries of sports organizations operating in the country. At the event, special presentations were made to the press secretaries of sports federations and professional football clubs operating in the country on the basic concepts of anti-doping, the legal aspects of anti-doping, and the risks of nutritional supplement products. Baku Shooting Center was also visited and detailed information was given to the Turkish Anti-Doping Commission delegation about the facility, which is one of the largest shooting centers in Europe, while the performances of the athletes were watched and the program was completed.